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YouTube ALERT - Find out what celebrity makeup artists Anthony Gordon, Margaret Kimura and Mathius Alan have to say about FACE atelier!



FACE atelier is one of the most versatile and amazing cosmetic companies out there. Their Ultra Foundation is my go to number one for that gorgeous dewy look. It is a staple in my kit.

Bethany Garita - makeup artist


YouTube ALERT - Check out EnKore Makeup's review of ULTRA FOUNDATION. It's a classic.



Your products are are great. I received my 6 samples on Friday. Thanks for the two little extra treats and the jars are precious!!! I told my dear husband that I'd reserve my evaluation of the foundation and loose powder until the END of the day when I'd be able to tell if it was as good as you say.....guess what?!!...IT IS !!

Thanks for stepping up and creating something for women that does what it promises to do.

Phyllis C - Toronto, Canada