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YouTube ALERT - Watch Holly Dalton's FACE atelier Makeup Tutorial featuring Hollywood Designs


Just wanted to take the time to say your line of products is absolutely amazing. I often get approached on campus, on the subway or at work and get asked what make up I’m wearing -someone always notices. I love answering because I know I’m recommending such a great product. Plus all my friends, when we get ready at my house, are so impressed when I use it on them, it's never long before they start using it too. Your shimmers and eye pencils are so amazing for smokey eyes, not to mention your Face products are amazing for nights out, never failed me.

I love trying new things, but I’ve been so satisfied with FACE atelier that I always end up repurchasing. I don’t even like to run out and have that break in between where I’m forced to use something else - I always buy it in advance.

Thank you for offering such great cosmetics, it deserves a lot of success and recognition!

Lexy D