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What happens in the makeup room is supposed to stay there, but we have a few tips from our top pro makeup artists so you can have picture perfect makeup on your wedding day.

SPF makeup flashes white. Avoid them at all costs for picture perfect makeup. Tell your wedding party, your mom - anyone who will listen.

Easy on the powder. HD cameras see powder that also dulls your complexion. Blotting papers can ruin makup. Reach for Ultra Matte, a mattifying spray that invisibly controls shine all day - and night.

Remember the guy who put a ring on it. He should be picture perfect too. Think Ultra Matte (great for bald heads), spot concealer and a manicure. If you can get him there...

Don't over-prep your skin on your wedding day. Use a light mosturizer and stay away from unecessary layers like primers. A good foundation - like Ultra Foundation - doesn't need a primer. 

Keep it simple. Your wedding day is definitely not the day to experiment with a bold eye or a crazy lip. You want flawless skin complemented by simply pretty makeup. 

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Ultra Sheer is radiance in a bottle.  You can add it to Ultra Foundation, subtly altering its hue.  Or apply Ultra Sheer directly to cheekbones, shoulders and décolletage for a diaphanous highlight.  

Ultra Sheer - simple to use, 
with simply miraculous results.